is a multinational company, active in the production and distribution of automotive and industrial start-up batteries, founded after the division from the FIAMM Group of the automotive battery industry and lead-acid industrial batteries. FIAMM is born in 1942 as “Fabbrica Italiana Accumulatori Motocarri Montecchio”. After the war, the company concentrates on the production of batteries for automobiles and the forklift industry. Not long after that, production is started on stationary and semi-stationary batteries, vital to a country rebuilding its industries and railroads.
FIAMM's Products

Black Titanium

  • Water consumption is so low            
  • Do not require any top up all life long


Titanium Pro

  • Maximum power for the latest car brands
  • Fulfill all the requirements of modern cars


FIAMM Enhanced Heavy Duty

  • Good charge acceptance                                 
  • Good endurance to charge/discharge cycles    
  • High vibration resistance                                


FIAMM Advanced Power Cycling

  • Innovative dual plate blocking system               
  • Provides high resistance to vibrations               
  • High starting power                                         
  • Excellent charge acceptance                             


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